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G P Rating - Career Path

On successful completion of general purpose Pre-Sea Training ,the candidates will be able to join as a rating in Indian and Foreign shipping companies as a Deck Crew with further sea-services,they can be promoted to Officer level with certain service and qualification requirements.There are wide job opportunities for our Indian Seamen all over the world.

ENTRY Educational Qualification Matriculation (10th Std)
Age (yrs) 17.5 - 21years
Pre-Sea Education& Training 4 Months Pre-Sea Training Course at CTM including STCW Courses
A-VI/1-1- PST
A-VI/1-2 -FPFF
A-VI/1-3- EFA
A-VI/1-4- PSSR
SEA-GOING SERVICE 6 Months(including on board RTRB) 36 Months (includes 6 month supervised bridge watch keeping duties) 60% PCM 24 Months (includes 6 months supervised bridge watch keeping duties) 10th Passed
POST SEA ASSESSMENT Assessment of RTRB Assessment of Sea-going Service Foundation Course PCME 2- Months (May be done after 6 mts seagoing service) NWKO (NCV) course; and A-11/15 4 Mts+ Radar & ARPA Simulator training at Operational Level
A- VI/2-1 PSC & RB
A- VI/3- AFF
A-VI/4-1 MFA
NWKO(NCV) Course,4 months + St. (ARPA Simulator Training Operational Level
A- VI/2-1 PSC & RB
A- VI/3- AFF
A-VI/4-1 MFA
CERTIFICATE Ratings Format Part of Navigation Watch Second Mate of foreign going ship (NWKO) Navigation Watch keeping Officer (NCV)